Delivering Advanced DSP-based Integrated Circuits for High Speed Data Center Networks
About MultiPhy
Revolutionizing optical communication DSP - driving Data Center connections
MultiPhy is a fast growing semiconductor company providing next generation ICs at 100G speeds for Data Center connections. Our patented technology enables large amounts of data to pass through optical networks fast and efficiently setting new benchmarks for cost and performance. To read more, click here

News & Events

Webinar: The Path to 400G
Hosted by Neal Neslusan, VP Sales and Marketing of MultiPhy

Event:  April 14-16, 2015 - Avi Shabtai, MultiPhy CEO will be presenting 400GbE for Data Center applications at the Ethernet Summit 

In the News: Mar 23, 2015 - MultiPhy readies 100 Gigabit serial direct-detection chip

Press Release: Mar 10, 2015 - MultiPhy opens US headquarters

Press Release: Mar 10, 2015 - MultiPhy CEO to present at OFC Conference 2015

In the News: Jan 7, 2015 - MultiPhy is selected as top 10 most promising semiconductor company in 2015

Webinar: 100GbE Single Channel Connections for Data Centers
Hosted by Neal Neslusan, VP Sales and Marketing of MultiPhy 

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