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Semtech Corp. and MultiPhy Ltd. announce the immediate availability of the industry’s first full PHY/PMD chipset for single lambda, 100G Ethernet optical modules. The companies will demonstrate the new chipset, operating over a complete optical link at ECOC 2017.

Semtech and MultiPhy Demonstrate a Complete 100G Single Lambda Chipset at ECOC 2017

Sep 18’th

MultiPhy Ltd announces the availability of the MPF3101 chip, the worlds’ first 100G single-wavelength PAM4 DSP IC. Designed for data center and 5G Cloud RAN connections, the device delivers a comprehensive 100G single-wavelength solution enabling widespread market adoption.

MultiPhy Ignites the Data Center Connectivity Market with the World’s First 100G Single-Wavelength PAM4 DSP IC

Sep 18’th

MultiPhy will be presenting its FlexPhy MPF3101 100G single-wavelength PAM4 DSP IC at ECOC,  the largest conference on optical communication in Europe. The event will take place on Sept 17-21 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

ECOC – Sept 18-20, 2017

Sep 17’th

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Ever-increasing social networking and cloud based apps are driving hyper-scale data center giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft to keep up with scalable infrastructure and network connectivity. MultiPhys’ advanced DSP and mixed signal based ultra-high speed PHY ICs are revolutionizing connection speeds, addressing the capacity challenge of Data Center build outs.

As a global, dynamic company with engineering teams and customer presence in Israel, North America and China, you will experience technology at its cutting edge, at 100Gb/s and above speeds implemented in advanced CMOS process nodes. Join us and be part of a talented team and a company that’s celebrated in the industry for its innovative, superior development and products.

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