MultiPhy Announces Successful Demonstration of Single Wavelength 100G Solution Enabling 80km Connections

MultiPhy Announces Successful Demonstration of Single Wavelength 100G Solution Enabling 80km Connections

80km links seen as growth area for next generation Data Center builds

ECOC – Cannes, France – September 22, 2014 – MultiPhy, Ltd, a global leader in DSP-based high bandwidth CMOS communications semiconductors for Data Center Connectivity, today announced the successful completion of a 100G single wavelength transmission demonstration over single mode fibre. The solution is part of a proposed low cost 80km network targeted to provide high bandwidth Data Center interconnect.

The demonstration was done using commercially available DWDM capable optics operating in the 1550nm C-band enabling capacity optimization up to 8Tb. “We clearly see a growth in the demand for high capacity connections between Data Centers”, said Avi Shabtai, CEO of MultiPhy, “Our demonstration shows the capability to realize these high bandwidth connections while continuing to hold true to MultiPhy’s goals of low power, small footprint, and low cost solutions.”

Increasing the capacity optimization and thus overall throughput between geographically dispersed Data Centers is necessary in order to control them as a single Mega Data Center. Current Data Center interconnections use expensive and high power telecom style optical connections that do not serve the desires of next generation Data Center installations. MultiPhy’s approach leverages enhanced DSP technology and modulation techniques to achieve single wavelength transmission in a low power and low system cost solution. MultiPhy’s single wavelength solution sets a new standard for integration, fitting into small pluggable-format 100G optics modules (CFP2, CFP4, QSFP28), thus allowing switch-to-switch connections for up to 80km of transmission over standard SMF fibre.

High capacity optical connections are key building blocks in next generation Data Center architectures. “The Data Center interconnection market is in an era of growth with a new set of requirements. Maximum throughput and long reach is required to connect geographically dispersed facilities,” said Daryl Inniss, Practice Leader of Ovum’s Component research. “Moreover, the industry looks forward to adopting cost-effective solutions and common form factors for all connection distances”.

MultiPhy will be available for meetings at the ECOC show in Cannes, France on September 22 -24 to discuss our FlexPhy technology and future product plans. Please contact Neal Neslusan at, +1 978 302 5700 to arrange for a meeting.

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MultiPhy is a fabless semiconductor innovator of cutting edge digital-signal-processing based integrated circuits for high-speed communications. The company’s 100Gb/s and 400Gb/s CMOS chipsets for advanced modulation schemes are leading in the technology paradigm shift made necessary by the dramatic increase in network traffic. MultiPhy’s solutions make optical networks faster, more scalable, flexible and more cost-effective for Data Center Connections. MultiPhy’s winning team of multidisciplinary talented experts in all aspects of optical communications theory and design, have created differentiated patent pending technologies that are redefining cost effective, high-performance solutions at 100Gb/s and beyond next-generation networks. For more information, please visit  

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