MultiPhy FlexPhy IC will support 400G IEEE standards for Data Center Connectivity

MultiPhy FlexPhy IC will support 400G IEEE standards for Data Center Connectivity

ECOC – Valencia, Spain – September 23, 2015 – MultiPhy Inc., a global leader in DSP-based high bandwidth CMOS communications semiconductors for Data Center Connectivity today announced its FlexPhy devices will support the evolving IEEE 4x100G standard for Data Center and enterprise applications. MultiPhy’s ICs are based on advanced PAM-4 single lambda 100G technology at 56G Baud providing customers with cost effective optical solutions while meeting the increased capacity demands of mobile and cloud traffic.

“MultiPhy continues to be at the forefront of innovative DSP-based single lambda optical transmission”, said Avi Shabtai, CEO of MultiPhy. “The ecosystem of supporting components now exists to enable the realization of commercial 400G solutions as well as serial 100G modules.”

IEEE P802.3bs recently accepted PAM-4 as the modulation format for 400G standards. The 500m reach single mode fiber PMD standard has been defined as a 4X100G PAM-4 signal. It is expected that the 100G serial PMD will proliferate throughout the 400G and 100G PMD standards as the industry matures.“Definition of the 400G standard marches on while being driven by high bandwidth application spaces, such as the Data Center networks marketplace, which is undergoing significant growth,” said John D’Ambrosia, Chairman and Marketing Chair at the Ethernet Alliance. “The industry looks forward to solutions becoming available that will support these important standards.”

Through active participation in IEEE meetings and proven demonstrations, MultiPhy has played a significant role in initiating and driving the IEEE to adopt PAM-4 single lambda based solutions as the recognized standard for 400G links. The adoption of 400G links will pave the way for the natural evolution of the future standardization of single lambda for 100G links across Data center connections. MultiPhy will continue to work towards the adoption of 100G and 400G beyond the reaches of 500M to longer reaches of up to 10km.

About MultiPhy

MultiPhy is an innovator of cutting edge digital-signal-processing based integrated circuits for high-speed communications. The company’s 100Gb/s and 400Gb/s CMOS chipsets with advanced modulation schemes are leading in the technology paradigm shift made necessary by the dramatic increase in network traffic. MultiPhy’s solutions make optical networks faster, more scalable, flexible and more cost-effective for Data Center Connections.

About the Ethernet Alliance
The Ethernet Alliance is a global industry consortium dedicated to the continued advancement of IEEE 802 Ethernet technologies through consensus-building, education, and interoperability demonstration programs.


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