Worlds’ first single wavelength flexible PHY solution for 100G and beyond Data Center connections

FlexPhy: Single optics, Maximum speed

Pioneering the transition to 100G on a single wavelength, the revolutionary FlexPhy product line delivers best-in-class DSP based 100G and 400G ICs for next generation Data Center and wireless network architecture. FlexPhy products utilize leading-edge Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and mixed signal technologies combined with PAM4 single wavelength technology, reducing the number of optical components and easing opto-electronic bandwidth requirements, resulting in an unparalleled reduction of overall infrastructure costs, power and network complexity. MultiPhy’s innovative technology can be deployed within Data Centers (Intra-connection) for switch to switch connections and between Data Centers (Interconnection) with connection distances between 2km-10km and up to 80km respectively. This same technology can also enable the emerging 5G cloud RAN networks by realizing ultra-high capacity fronthaul connections. FlexPhy easily integrates into various form factors including QSFP28 pluggable modules and onto the host board, further enabling the lowest cost, highest density, and most flexible solutions required by the market.


FlexPhys’ unique approach, powered by patented DSP and mixed signal technologies employs PAM4 modulation of up to 60GBaud over a single wavelength, several Forward Error Correction (FEC) schemes as well as 25G and 50G SERDES. The product line is implemented in compliance with the IEEE future standard amendments 802.3cd (100GBASE-DR) and 802.3bs (400GBASE-DR4) and is fabricated in a high speed, low-power 16nm CMOS process.




Disruptive Cost Structure
simplifies optics and reduces parallel optics

Benchmark Performance
overcomes optical impairments and imperfections

Unmatched Power
reduced number of optical components

Groundbreaking Capacity
uses higher (bit/s)/Hz (PAM4 modulations)

Revolutionizes Port Density
supports QSFP28 modules and onboard optics

Paramount Scalability and Flexibility

Standard Compliant and Above
IEEE 802.3cd (future 100GBASE-DR) and IEEE 802.3bs (400GBASE-DR4)


  • Family of products with ability to function on 1, 2 and 4 wavelengths
  • Flexible physical PHY device supports 100G to 400G
  • PAM4 Modulations
  • Advanced DSP receiver that supports 100G on a single optical path
  • Ultra-high speed ADC and DAC
  • Embedded FEC encoder/decoder
  • Advanced parallel processing VLSI design
  • Patented Equalization technology and implementation
  • Fabricated in advanced nodes, low-power process
  • Complies with IEEE and applicable industry standards


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