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5G Cloud RAN

Enabling mobile network infrastructure with

greater flexibility and speed

Transforming 5G wireless networks

Upgrades of mobile networks to 5G are creating a strong demand for optical connectivity to support the mobile infrastructure, increasing bandwidth demand throughout the entire network – requiring adoption of faster optical links. The demand for 100G connections that allow the build out of these networks is clearly emerging. MultiPhy’s FlexPhy technology enables the building of optical transceivers which are the core element of these network connections. Specifically designed architecture and specified to operate in extreme temperature range, MultiPhys’ robust solution enables cost effective optical links running at up to 100G on a single wavelength in a compact QSFP28 form factor for the required deployment scenarios that meet industry standards (e.g. CPRI Option 10)

Solution Benefits

  • Exceptionally Robust
    functions reliably in harsh deployment scenarios
  • Unprecedented Power Consumption
    enables operations at high temperature
  • Lowest TCO Solution
    compatible with expected high 5G deployment volumes
  • Effortless Flexibility
    supports multiple fronthaul links, such as current CPRI standard (option 10) and other potentially not-completely-defined ones

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