100G Single Wavelength Technology for Data Center Interconnect

Geographically dispersed Data Centers need to operate as a single flat network with high performance and low latency – Infrastructure at this level requires a significant increase in capacity providing up to 8Tb of WDM connections

Simplifying Optics - Data Center Interconnects

Increasing capacity and overall throughput between geographically dispersed Data Centers is necessary in order to manage them as a single Mega Data Center. Current Data Center interconnections use expensive and high power optical connections that do not serve the desires of next generation Data Center infrastructure. MultiPhy’s approach leverages enhanced DSP technology and modulation techniques to achieve single wavelength transmission in a low power and low system cost solution. MultiPhy’s pioneering FlexPhy product line delivers cost effective, high capacity Data Center Interconnection solutions of up to 80km. Based on advanced PAM-4 modulation combined with enhanced digital signal processing (DSP), MultiPhy’s single wavelength technology reduces the number of optical components, creating a smaller footprint thereby increasing capacity while significantly decreasing power dissipation and infrastructure costs. Additionally, FlexPhy allows for a full 8Tb of transport capability to be realized in a standard C-band fiber (80 channels of 100G each), thus maximizing the bandwidth of the fiber and the connection from one Data Center building to another. The FlexPhy solution sets new standards for integration, fitting into small pluggable optical modules such as QSFP28, enabling direct switch to switch connections over large distances of up to 80km with low cost EDFA/DCM network components. As a result, this eliminates the need for costly complex WDM systems, thus simplifying the total network and further reducing total costs.

Solution Benefits

  • Disruptive Cost Structure 100G per wavelength
  • Maximum Capacity up to 8Tb per fiber
  • Superior Distance up to 80km
  • Unmatched WDM Port Density

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