100G Single Wavelength Technology for Data Center IntraConnections

Hyper-scale data centers are experiencing a Bandwidth Boom
MultiPhy enables state-of-the-art high capacity optical solutions to support new advanced Data Center architectures

Revolutionizing Cloud-Scale Infrastructure

MultiPhy’s unique FlexPhy product line delivers ultra-high capacity on a single optical path driving new Data Center network architectures. FlexPhy targets duplex fiber switch to switch connections of up to 2km. The product line incorporates advanced PAM4 modulation with industry leading DSP technology to maximize capacity of single wavelength transmission. Providing the most flexible and manageable solution for switch to switch connectivity, MultiPhy’s single wavelength solution allows the usage of duplex fiber, thus reducing the need for multiple fibers resulting in simple and cost effective transceivers. For 100G solutions, MultiPhy’s FlexPhy can be realized in the industry standard QSFP28 optical module, allowing plug and play capability in all the leading switch chassis solutions, significantly reducing power consumption and further reducing costs. FlexPhy’s scalability also supports 400G transmission and can be realized in the upcoming QSFPDD or OSFP standard modules.

Solution Benefits

  • Highly Efficient Duplex fiber infrastructure
  • Revolutionizes new native 100G architectures
  • Disruptive Cost Structure ultra-high capacity connections
  • Game-changing Port Density
  • Maximizing Reach up to 2km

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