Driving 100G to the Metro

MultiPhy’s low cost, low power DSP-enabled Direct Detection solution is positioned to meet the emerging opportunities in the Metro-reach 100G optical transport market.

Metro Solution

Today’s Challenge


Driven by the expansion of the Content Delivery Network, serving the mobile and video applications spaces, and the deployment of Cloud-based “Big Data” applications, a need exists to grow the capacity of DWDM networks, specifically within Metro zones. Network operators are seeking bandwidth and cost effective solutions that fit seamlessly into their established network infrastructures to boost the capacity and flexibility of metro networks. Cost effective scalability is specifically important for short metro link distances, including the Extended Reach Data center interconnections. Delivering an efficient, low cost 100G transport solution for metro networks requires far more than the current over specified technology available on the market today. Reaching these capabilities requires low cost, low power pluggable module solutions.


MultiPhy Solution


MultiPhy’s DSP-enhanced 100G Direct Detection (4x28G) chipset provides a high performance solution specifically designed to address the severe bandwidth growth in metro environments. Our unique solution is based on reduced bandwidth optics integrated with MLSE DSP technology, enabling module and transceiver manufacturers to realize a 100G metro transport solution that utilizes low cost 10G electro-optics, drastically cutting the BOM cost of the module. MultiPhy’s high performance MLSE DSP engine compensates for the optical channel impairments (chromatic dispersion) found in deployed metro transport networks, thus enabling distances of up to 800km for amplified networks and PtP connection for up to 80km. Optical modules utilizing our innovative solution can be realized in the compact form-factor, pluggable (CFP) module format and meet the challenging cost, power dissipation and performance metrics required to enable the 100G Metro business model.

Solution Benefits

  • Optimal Performance for Metro link lengths (typically up to 800km links)
  • Lowest Module Cost utilizing a simple Direct Detection scheme and low-cost 10G electro-optical components
  • Low Power Dissipation enabling compact CFP form-factor modules, as required by network operators
  • Pluggable Module enabling cost-effective network upgrades

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